Paolo Monti – TazebAu Sensorial Money
Fourdimensional Calibr(a)tion
Braille Book 2005 – 2009

Banknotes equipped with TAG - R.F.I.D.
(Radio Frequency IDentification)
receive environmental sensing data transmitted from stations placed in delocalized contexts* (satellite transponders).

Information received from the banknotes
in the form of electromagnetic waves
are sensorially decoded by the
observer (also in Braille),
connecting the contexts.

paolo monti art & science
Modified Money

Paolo Monti 2012 / CircoloBateson
National Seminar
On explaining and understanding:
the assumptions, methods, contexts

Paolo Monti, Fuku-Radio-Active Dollar, 2011 Money Cannot Be Eaten

Paolo Monti 2011 / CircoloBateson
National Seminar
Multiple versions of the crisis