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Press CNR: National Research Council - Almanac of Science - 28 XI 2011

Art goes 'into orbit'

The Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies (ISTC) of the CNR-National Research Council of Italy is one of the promoters of the event "Paolo Monti + Gauss Blazing departure. Art infraseen from above", a day of in-depth exploration into the scientific-artistic project Infra TazebAu s'pace scheduled for November 28 at the Museum of Classical Art of La Sapienza University in Rome.

The happening, organized by the Museum Pole of the Sapienza and MUSIS, presents the innovative art and science project created by Paolo Monti in collaboration with the Group of Astro-dynamics of the University of Rome.

"The opera TazebAu consists of dollar bills stripped of symbols, onto which are affixed the signatures of persons encountered en route: a metaphorical transcending of all boundaries, a conversion of nominal value into relational value," says Laura Rossi, in charge of the Observatory of Art, Science and Innovation that takes care of organizing the project.

The initiative embarked in 2005 aboard the Marco Polo Motoraid, a journey that retraced the Silk Road, from Venice to Beijing. In 2006, the 'signature' of astronaut Paolo Nespoli endorsed the space project which evolved into the workshop/opera  "TazebAu s’pace 2007. Paolo Nespoli, the man who made arms gemmate. STS 120 Esperia Harmony".

The latest opera 'Infra-TazebAu s'pace 2011' was successfully launched into orbit on 17 August at the Yasny Space Centre (Russia), on board the microsatellite EDUSAT. A project realized by the students of the Astro-dynamic Group of the University La Sapienza (GAUSS) made possible by the Italian Space Agency.

"A satellite elected as an 'orbiting gallery', the first of its kind, which will be observable via video transmission during the event of the 28th, as it transits through the skies of Rome," says Laura Rossi.

The day of study foresees numerous testimonies and verification on scientific and technological topics, with interventions, among others, of Roberto Azzolini of the European Science Foundation and Robert Somma, Senior Advisor to the CEO of Thales Alenia Space Italy.

What: Paolo Monti + Gauss Blazing departure. Art infraseen from above
When: 28 November 2011
Where: Museum of Classic Art of La Sapienza University, Roma

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source: 28/11/2011




paolo monti
art + science